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Europa Nostra Award



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Europa Nostra Award

A conservation project was launched in 1996 by the Transylvania Trust Foundation, based on an annual subvention offered by the Local Council of the 5th District of Budapest, who established a close relationship with the village. A strategy was developed to halt the process of natural decay, to neutralise the negative effects of social change, by finding new functions for vacant buildings, and to raise the awareness of both owners and authorities to their heritage.

First an inventory of the vernacular architecture was made, including a photographic database of 162 of the most important traditional buildings. This inventory, gradually linked to technical surveys, formed the basis of a conservation plan. Using strict agreements, assistance was provided for owners if they maintained and preserved the architectural values of their properties. 138 owners signed the agreement and benefited from subventions, planning assistance, technical advice and some additional grants for maintenance and restoration work. Its success was proved by the fact that the investments the owners made from their own resources more than doubled the value of the funds available for the whole conservation plan.

The programme also had economic and educational values. The conservation work offered many jobs for craftsmen in a village were unemployment was high, whilst teaching them traditional building techniques. Moreover the village became attractive for rural tourism, thus improving the infrastructure in general. Over fifteen houses where equipped with modern facilities and were listed by the state for use as tourist accommodation. Education of students was also an essential element of the programme, and they received training in recording techniques and preservation methods whilst working in summer camps.

The Rimetea Heritage Conservation Project is a continuing project, dependent on fund-raising. It offers a viable example of conservation based on co-operation, internationally as well as between local authorities and NGO's, in a region where the heritage is much threatened by rapid social and economic change. Efforts will be made to have the village listed nationally and to promote the place internationally.

The 1999 Europa Nostra Medal, given to this unique project, which is an example for many other European villages, will undoubtedly help in this respect.



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